Hydraulic Elevator

With the introduction of the soft start & stop feature, we make your ride absolutely jerk-free & smooth. The reason we command the Indian home lifts market is that our lifts require a smaller pit of 300mm with no overhead & operate on a single-phase power supply. With a home elevator solution from iELEVATE, you can bring your vision to life. We set the industry standard with a variety of one-of-a-kind looks, unique features with universal design, and hydraulic elevator repairs. Each hydraulic elevator system is equipped with state-of-the-art safety features, including emergency braking systems and backup power supplies, ensuring the well-being of passengers. The heart of our hydraulic elevators lies in their robust and efficient hydraulic systems and hydraulic elevator repairs which effortlessly manage vertical transportation within buildings of all sizes.

We provide customers with residential elevators and hydraulic elevator maintenance services that help make day-to-day living better. Every home elevator has an innovative design to create the ultimate experience.

It is our firm belief that when a customer buys a world-class premium home lift, hydraulic lift, or vacuum elevator product it is only natural that he expects the best service and we guarantee hydraulic elevator maintenance since we make sure that we represent companies that believe in this philosophy.


Stretcher Elevator

We provide you with a robustly designed stretcher elevator for hospitals that can accommodate a standard hospital Bed (Stretcher). Our stretcher elevator for hospitals is a testament to our dedication to healthcare and medical professionals. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, the hospital elevator stretcher lift is made to carry the stretcher along with bulky hospital equipment. The key features of our hospital elevator stretcher lift include spacious interiors, advanced safety systems, and user-friendly controls, making it a dependable choice for medical facilities.

M.S. or stainless steel lift cabin.
Jerkless starting & stopping are admired irrespective of load precise levelling accuracy.
Power-coated M.S. auto doors stainless steel doors with the best door drive in the lift cabin and with Microwave photocell/safety pads for door operation.
Most modern types touch button panels.
Variable voltage frequency inverter (V3F) drive.
Emergency locking device for manually opening landing doors.
Automatic announcing audio system of welcome note, floor indication & thanks note.


Automobile Elevator

Car Auto Elevator service for residential, commercial, hotels, clubs, bungalows, and industrial buildings depending upon the shaft size for convenient movement of passengers and automobiles. It has a speed up to 0.30MPS with a capacity of handling weight up to 3000 Kg. These car elevator lifts offer a sleek and modern design, blending seamlessly with the architectural aesthetics of any building.

Automobile elevators are an investment with the potential for instant payoff in modern urban developments, allowing for significant space savings and design flexibility for building planners and architects. Our auto elevator service is the epitome of reliability, functionality, and aesthetics.

The result: more innovative design, a touch of luxury, and increased property values. Car elevator lifts have lower average speeds, heavy load capacity, and engineering for tough everyday working conditions meaning your vehicle elevator will last- and enhance your property- for the long haul.


Manual Passenger Elevator

iELEVATE, the best passenger lift manufacturers in Delhi provides products that find their application in industries, offices, public buildings, and even in multi-floor residential complexes. Some of our highly qualified and talented professionals are involved in the production of these products to ensure their finish and quality. The best passenger lift manufacturers in India use high-end industry-approved materials to fabricate these products. Moreover, the best passenger lift manufacturers in India offer customisable design options that empower you to tailor the lift to your aesthetic preferences and specific spatial requirements. The use of modern technology and equipment by the best passenger lift manufacturers in Delhi delivers these products with an exceptional finish and quality.

M.S./Wooden cabin with PVC flooring and fall ceiling.
Electronic digital display floor position indicators system in car enclosure & at all landings.
Emer locking device for manually opening at land.
Computerized microprocessor-based controller with fully collective/selective system in dust prof M.S. cabinet. door.


Capsule Elevator

iELEVATE, one of the famous capsule lift dealers in India renowned for its cutting-edge capsule lift solutions. Capsule elevators can be the gem of prestigious buildings and architectural marvels. Capsule lift for house can enhance the look and appeal of the structure and its design, features, and options serve optimum transition comfort between floors. They are aesthetically designed and planned with attractive interiors and large glass viewing panels. Capsule lift for house are distinguished by their sleek and contemporary design, perfectly suited for a diverse range of architectural environments like boutique hotels and exclusive residential complexes. Moreover, the famous capsule lift dealers in India provide specialised plans and knowledge along with wide experience to adhere to particular concepts.

Stainless steel cabin with safety bar & view of glass.
Doors with the best door drive in the lift cage & microwave photocell for safe door operation.
Electronic digital display floor indicator with a push button at landings & cage.
Emergency locking device for manually opening landing doors.
Computerised microprocessor collective/selective system control panel in dustproof M.S. cabinet.
Variable voltage frequency inverter (V3F) drive.


Freight Goods Elevator

With string durable and scientific space design products of iELEVATE elevators, the best goods lift manufacturers in Delhi & the Freight goods elevator series fully understand the need for up & down logistics transportation to provide user-friendly design.

Spaciousness and extremely convenient technology of the Freight goods elevator makes it reliable. Freight goods elevator has a speed of 0.32 MPS with a capacity of 500-10000 kg of load.

These elevators utilise a large cabin to fit the need and are made with large loading capacities so that they can be utilised to convey heavy goods. These elevators can be installed with or without a counterweight facility. The famous goods lift manufacturers in Delhi offer elevators with precision and excellence to provide long-lasting performance.


Dumbwaiter Lift

iELEVATE, one of the famous dumbwaiter lift company in India provides lifts which is best suitable for hotels, restaurants, party halls, bungalows and clubs that enable a speedy service of eatables depending upon the shaft size with speed varying from 0.15-0.30 MPS and a capacity of 100-250 Kg load. Designed with precision, by the famous dumbwaiter lift company in India, this compact and versatile solution offers seamless vertical transportation for goods and small items, making it an indispensable asset for a wide range of industries.

In hotels, banquets, etc the dumbwaiter elevator is used to carry food and utensils from the kitchen to or from rooms, serving areas, etc. In hospitals, the dumbwaiter elevator is used to carry sterile non-sterile material from floor to floor for various purposes.

These dumbwaiter lift manufacturers offer smooth travel and precision leveling so as the ensure no damage to the payload in the elevator. The cabin and doors are manufactured using stainless thereby making them safe for use in food and hospital industries. The dumbwaiter lift manufacturers take pride in setting industry benchmarks for quality, innovation, and customer service.


The Zeropit

Introducing "THE ZEROPIT" residential lifts, minimizing construction needs for swift and easy installation. These elevators provide a quicker alternative to traditional ones , adhering to European and Indian standards . Custom dimensions cater to diverse spaces, ensuring suitability for both indoor and outdoor environments.

No Pit
Our home elevator needs not more than 250mm pit depth, optimizing space
No Machine Room
Our home lift requires no machine room, allowing you to optimize every inch for a sleek and functional design
No Head Room
Commercial elevators requires headroom. Our home elevator demands an FFL-ceiling height of 2800 mm only
No Civil work
Enjoy the convenience of our home lift with no civil work required, making the process simple and efficient for your home
No Government License

No government license is required as we consume only single phase electricity power

No Noise

Our home lift operates seamlessly, ensuring a noise-free experience for your tranquility

No Jerk

Say goodbye to jerky rides, experience a consistently smooth and comfortable journey